Can Face Rollers Make Your Skin Looks Firmer and Younger?

Facial rollers are paving its way to the world beauty cosmetics today. Whether they’re made of rose quartz or jade, or any colored crystal, these beauty devices are more attractive than any beauty devices on the market today.

Not only they’re beautiful devices, but they also have benefits to make your skin looks firmer and younger. So if you’re planning to add these beauty devices to your daily routine, here’s what you need to know about face roller singapore.

Promotes Lymphatic Drainage Massage

One of the most popular benefits of the facial roller is that it can help and promotes lymphatic massage. When you wake up, your face is a little bit puffy and swollen, and your eyes are full too. With the help of facial roller, it can help to move some of the excess lymphatic fluid and eliminate the swelling. Thus, making your face looks firmer.

Moreover, lymphatic massage drainage is something that your body does on its own. However, studies have been found that manual lymphatic massage can have a bigger impact on your swollen face. Movements or massage helps to remove the serum enzymes in the body and reduce swelling quicker than the natural process.

face roller singaporeIt has Anti-Aging Properties

For others, facial rollers help them to fully penetrate skincare products such as lotions, serums, and masks into the skin. Besides, massage can increase blood circulation, so it’s possible that massaging your face makes it easier for the skincare products to penetrate.

To support the claim with science, an experiment has been conducted. They found out that an anti-aging cream product produced greater results in reducing fine lines by using a vibrating facial massage than those who apply the product by hand.

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