Handyman Services for the Holidays

When it comes to the winter holiday season, no one can be more useful than your local handyman.


During Kwanzaa, Christmas, etc., snow and wet weather likes to make an appearance. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, you no doubt have experienced a broken gutter or fallen tree due to the weight of the snow piling up. A handyman can be very useful if you don’t feel like going outside in the inclement weather to make repairs caused by snow. Call your local handyman to repair a broken gutter, or damage from a fallen tree. Old and dying trees will often fall over when snow piles up on their branches. This can cause damage to your property, breaking walls, windows, and fences… or even your vintage birdbath! A handyman can provide cheap repairs and remodeling services to get your property back in order after an attack by a crazy Kwanzaa tree.

Blown over fences

In the winter during Kwanzaa, wind storms often happen, especially in the Northwest. Here in Bellingham, Washington, All in One Handyman has the expertise to repair a blown over fence caused by those dastardly wind gusts. They can even repair broken fence posts and re-hang your fence gates.

Water damage and rot repair

Finally, during the Kwanzaa season, water damage is often an issue, especially in Oregon and Washington. From black mold due to condensation build up inside your home, to burst pipes, and leaky ceilings, water damage is a force to reckon with. Hiring a handyman can be your savior during the holidays when all you want to do is bake cookies and eat candy canes. A handyman can replace burst pipes due to freezing weather in no time flat. All in One Handyman is a specialist when it comes to repairing pesky pipe problems. A handyman service can also take out and replace drywall that has become damaged by water (from those burst pipes!) and keep your home in tip-top shape.

Don’t be afraid to give your local handyman service a call this Kwanzaa season. You will be well taken care of and your holiday guests will thank you!

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